Sunday, October 7, 2012


 First things first.... Uncle Kaden came home! He has been home for a few weeks now, but we haven't blogged in a while, so this is a catch-up post! Elder McDonald served in the Cape Town South Africa mission. We are so excited he is home and Paisley is loving talking to him on the phone any chance she gets! We went to St George two weekends in a row, spoiled I know, but are now home for a while again, so we need to talk our family into visiting us way up north soon!

 Paisley knew Kaden's cut-out better then she remembered him (she was 3 months when he left). She wasn't scared to give him the hugs he needed as soon as she saw him, but then when we asked where the real Kaden was, she pointed to the cut-out.
 Lola and Kaden
 So as I said we went down twice in a row, the second time was for this! The boys saved going on their annual hike until Kaden came home. So his first official weekend home he was already booked to do things with his brothers! 

 Adam, Jordan, Kaden and Kody on the top of the mountain!

 While the boys were coming down, the girls were at the cabin. Paisley looks so big in this picture, I can't believe it! We just spent the day there, not over night, but we're happy we could still have our end of the tradition continue too! 

 After Daddy had showered and had lunch! 
Paisley is into saying "cheese" when she sees the camera accompanied by a very cheesy smile, so I told her to smile soft. . . this is what we got!

 The gang - 
baby Claire & Mollie, Adam & Julian, then Kaden, Kody and cheesy Paisley, Me and baby2, Whitney & Levi, and Jordan & baby Cache
It was so fun to spend time with family and friends, it makes us miss them all so much! We love the visits we get and will take them anytime we can.

One of my great friends from forever ago asked me to take these for her. Her little girl is the cutest thing ever, Pais loves Harper! They are just on a year apart so it is fun to see them together. We went for a nice drive to Tremonton and took these family pics for the Blanch's. Here is their sneak peak!

Paisley was hugging and trying to get Harper to talk to her, to no avail! I think they still had a good time together!

Baby update:
 We are 31 weeks and she is doing really great still! Actual due date is still Christmas Eve. We are having happy thoughts about an early baby, just like her sister. The date Dec 17th is the date we are keeping in mind!
Baby2 moves a lot, but not kicking and punching moves more of rolling and hiccups. I get a lot of braxton hicks with this pregnancy, mainly after work, but they are really strong. Not much to worry about though, my doctor said as long as I have less then 6 an hour I am okay.
Hopefully this is a sign of the early delivery we are planning on! Anytime she comes we will take her, but a little early would be nice!

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Lindsay said...

Loved reading your update! You look darling pregnant. I can relate with wanting an early baby- Drake was due December 23rd! I was so worried he'd be a Christmas baby. But we ended up on December 20th. haha It's a hard time, but it will make for your best christmas ever. Truly. It will be amazing to have a newborn in your arms celebrating the birth of the Savior- it was the neatest Christmas ever!