Thursday, August 2, 2012

20 Weeks down, 20 Weeks to go!

 We had our 20 week appointment on Monday and got to be there all together, Mom Dad and Paisley to see our baby. Paisley was so excited, cause we were talking about it all morning! We went in for the ultrasound and got these pictures. 
The doctor apologized cause he couldn't get any really good shots of the baby. Our baby was shy! We were finally able to see that we are going to be parents to two little girls! 
Yep, it's a GIRL! We are so excited to see her and have her here with us when that time comes!
 This is her Nose & Lips
 Her little face- the doctor had to go threw a lot, like both her arms to see this shot!
 She finally moved one arm, but was still being shy!
Our proof that she is a girl... we couldn't have told you that from this picture, but the doctors could!

Paisley is so funny when we ask her about the baby! When we ask where the baby is, she usually says in her tummy. She also likes to say everyones real name, like Daddy is Kody. 
When we say the baby's name she says "I know?"- she is meaning, I don't know. We'll all figure that answer out! She also loves to say, "I'm getting a baby SISTER!" and shouts the last word. 
When we ask who is bringing her baby, she says "Santa". 
We are so happy to be getting another girl and can't wait to see what she is like! Keep growing strong and healthy Baby Girl, we'll see you sooner then we know!

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the hipps said...

I can't believe you're half-way done already! How fun to have two sweet little girls!