Friday, April 12, 2013

Katelyn's blessing

 We blessed baby Kate in St George with both sides of our family there. We are so grateful for the love and support we have surrounding us! 

 I have the best mother-in-law out there! She found this online and then helped me create it! PS they are the best cup cakes out there! Look it up if you need a good one- white wedding cake in pinterest!

 Paisley had fun with her friends!

 Kate is so sweet, and I'm not just saying it, she really is the best!

 Lola found these- so sweet!

 See happiest girl out there!

 Lolo and Lola with Baby Katelyn

Katelyn Jill McDonald was blessed March 2, 2013 by her Daddy in St George UT

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our 2012

This post has taken me a long time to get up, but here it finally is! 
 This passed year was a fun one for us! Here is our look back on 2012.

We knew that living where we do would bring snow, so instead of hate it , we sometimes did this! Paisley LOVED her snow friend! 
 Of course, at Nana and Papa's there is no snow, so the same time of the year, we were able to go to the park and play! 

 Paisley and Ted have become pretty good friends this year. He realized that Paisley was big enough to help him get things and Paisley remembers where his treats are! Plus she talks so well that he could really tell when she said "Ted, you want a treat?!" 
Paisley also kicked the crib out and decided she is big enough for a "Big Girl Bed!"

 It finally became warm outside! 2012 summer was fun for Paisley and Tate. Sue and I had a change in our work schedule and needed some help on a few days so Kell, being the great cousin that she is, came to the rescue! She was a GREAT babysitter!

 Pais and Tate have really gotten to love each other- spending almost every day together will do that to  a kid!

Paisley had a wonderful 2nd birthday! We had a little birthday party for her where she got a little baby doll to snuggle. She had the instincts of a big sister already, so we decided to announce the coming of baby #2.  

In July we found out that baby #2 was going to be a sister! Katelyn's due date was set for December 24th, 2012. In my mind I was hoping she would come between the 12th and the 17th.

We had more and more fun in St George. Paisley LOVES swimming with Nana!

Kody went with the youth in our area for Trek. He was a photographer- nice for him cause he didn't have to sleep in a shared tent!
We went on a "BIG SWING" while in St George for a visit. Paisley did a good job!
Gage and Paisley love every minute they get together

 Paisley and I went swimming one day when Kody was at school- he started his masters this summer. She loves the slide more then a 2 year old should!
In the middle of Kody's masters program this summer, he built us a new bed and refinished our existing dresser and night stand to all match. It turned out so pretty. (The main reason I haven't put finished pictures on here is because in our apartment, you can't see how pretty they really are! When we move I will show them!)
Kaden came home from his mission and the boys went on their yearly hike. They came home to us girls and the kids at the cabin with dinner and showers ready!

 We had famiy pictures on our anniversary. I love family pictures!

 Paisley loves her Daddy!


 I have the most talented husband in the world. He is amazing! He has built a bunch of bows. This one is one of my favorites, but this year he also built the arrows.  
They are (I hate to use this word) pretty! When he decides to make something new he can make it look like he's been doing it for years- exhibit A!

Paisley knew for months before Halloween what she wanted to be! Believe it or not, I think there is a real Cowgirl hidden inside her!

Tater's also found out how yummy suckers are!

This last semester Kody got to teach a class at the university. It was the woods class. While in the class he also made an amazing entertainment center for us! I love it so much! 

 Because I was really big with Katelyn, Kody and Paisley went for our yearly tree hut alone. This years tree was perfect and Paisley loved the time with her daddy!
  The night before I went into labor with Katelyn. I loved being pregnant this last year. I felt great and I was so excited to have another amazing little girl!
 Our first picture with Katelyn Jill. Her labor was fast. She came only 1hour and 29minutes after water broke. 

 Paisley was so excited to meet her sister and her reaction was cuter then I expected. They love each other so much! 
 Our little family 2012

 We only spent one day in the hospital. We really wanted to get home, and Katelyn, even being small, was very healthy and ready to go after only 24hours.

We got to have Papa, Nana, Derek, Kenzee, and Gage come stay right after Katelyn was born. We have the best family in the world! 

 Katelyn got to see Santa on Christmas. Paisley said all year that Santa was bringing her a baby sister.

We feel so blessed for the last year! We are now parents to two very different little girls. It is amazing to see the things that they learn every day and watch them love each other. We are grateful for the new year as well. This year is going to hold a lot of changes. We will most likely be leaving Cache Valley for a job somewhere. That means I will be leaving my job that I have had for seven years (minus when we lived in St George). That also means that we'll be living in a new house- no more sharing house with loud people! We are excited and a little nervous. I will try my best to keep you updated on our new year! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

One week old!

 The girls are getting along pretty well. Paisley still has a hard time understanding why she can't jump around her sister, but we have luckily avoided any collisions! Katelyn is so sweet. She sleeps really well and eats even better. We have an appointment for her tomorrow and we are hoping she has gained some weight! Wish us luck!

 Kate had long skinny legs and arms!

 Katelyn is a happy baby and we LOVE having her here finally!

Paisley was sharing "Dote" the Duck with her baby sister. They are getting use to each other!