Sunday, October 14, 2012

We love FALL

Our families favorite time of year is FALL! We have our anniversary in the fall and this year we celebrated 5 years! I'm glad we were married in the fall, there are a lot of things that Kody and I love that only come around in the fall, and how fun to celebrate our day, then with things we love that we can't have year round!

Paisley knows what a pumpkin patch is, so we found one that she could find her very own pumpkin. She loved it!

This picture of the trees is for Lola. I told her about them a few years ago, how they change colors like this- one end to the next, and every time I drive past I think of how I need to take a picture. On our way this weekend I finally got a shot of them. . . I'll send an actual copy too, but here is a glance of them!

For our anniversary I told Kody I wanted some family pictures. So on our day, my sister took these for us. We stayed a little longer after and got a few more shots with Kody or I behind the camera too. We had fun, and the canyon was so amazing. It was perfect weather and the trees were beautiful!


These two pictures are Paisley's dance! She is pretty good!

Pound it Baby Sister!

I love my little family so much and am so excited to have our little one come. Pais is getting ready too, but I don't think she really understands what is going to happen. She will get it and even more, she is going to love her sister- every girl needs a sister!

Some fun things Paisley is doing now are:
Paisley counts really well to 12 then says "14, 17, 13" and then any other number
She knows her colors pretty well, sometimes mixes them up, but just to be silly
Asks everyone what their name is 
Plays pretend with her toys- it is really funny listening to the conversations she has with them
She loves to sing "Bate, Bate, chocolate, mix the chocolate" when we mix anything, or nothing at all, just has a bowl and a mixer
She says:
 "Oh my Boy!"
"WHAT?" very sharp!
"I miss him so much" usually about her friend Colter
"I know?" when she means I don't know
"Sweet dreams" to her toys when they go to sleep

Paisley is not my baby anymore- she is a big kid that has a real personality and has her own ideas about everything. I can't control everything she learns or hears anymore at all. She comes home all the time with something new to tell us that we didn't realize she could even understand. 
She is going to be a really good big sister, she just may not let her little sister talk for herself! 
I guess we'll see!


Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

Love the family pictures! Fall is a great time to take pictures. Can't wait to meet baby #2. Also, we should hang out sometimes.

Chelsi said...

Cute, cute pics! You look so great!