Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mom's Cake

For my mom's birthday party we combined it with a retirement party and had a "Some day over the Rainbow" celebration! I only have pictures of the cake. . . I should have more, I know, but someone else does and I haven't gotten them yet.

Here is the cake!
 I made 8 layers of different colors. Each layer was about a 9x14. . . so the cake was really big when it was done!
The thing was a pain to frost. I worked the day I made the cake so I baked it in the morning and let it cool. My niece was tending for me when I came home for lunch and helped me put it together. I had her try to frost the first outside layer and that was my problem. . . I forgot how impatient I was at 13 years old and my niece is the same. . . as she frosted the cake flaked off and mixed with the frosting. When I came to help we had to try and frost it about 5 times and with no success, we ended up adding sprinkles and calling it good. My wonderful husband said something that made me feel better about it after, he said
"No one envisioned the the cake as the perfected one that you did, this one still looks cool, and the inside is still the same." He made me feel better! 

Overall it was cool and looked great on the inside, so it was a fun cake to make!
Happy retirement Mom!

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Lindsay said...

You are quite the baker! That's so pretty!