Sunday, January 1, 2012

Forgotten Posts of 2011

2011 was a great year for our family. We didn't have a lot going on beside school, work and playtime with Pais, but here is a look at a few things I may have forgot to mention over the past year. . .
We had our first fire early on in March
We also went on as many walks as we could!
 Dinner with Daddy at school is fun
 We helped on the farm at Jake & Sue's house
 We had our first camp out with the Gardner's in Pine Valley and our first bath with a friend!

 We also went to a few rodeos
 I took a class to help me with our camera and these are some of my shots!

 We got a walker on our hands
I also found this amazing little feeder thing to put fruit in that we just loved!

 Easter was exciting this year, cause Pais knew what to do
  I baked a lot more this past year

 Pais found that grass feels funny on her little toes
 We celebrated Paisley Jo's 1st birthday and took a BUNCH of pictures!
 We could do Paisley's hair in piggies finally!
We got to cheer Nana on at the marathon in Logan 

 Paisley realized how much she LOVEs the out doors!

We got two new friends! 

 Paisley now knows how much she likes her Daddy's truck
 Kody got this good lookin' duck
 We enjoyed the fall & leaves
Kody turned Pais into a "gamer"
  I helped her find her inner-shopper
  But in the end she would rather play with Ted than Mom & Dad
This year has been so fun with our growing girl. After doing this post, I realize without this little monkey, our lives would have been much more on the boring side this past year! We are excited to see what 2012 holds for us! Wish us luck!


The Hunsakers said...

What a great post! I never do an end of year post and I just might have to this year- love all the pictures!

Jake and Susan Larson said...

I love this post also! Pais has grown so much its crazy to see. ps. Jake says good lookin duck

The McDonald's said...

It was a good looking duck ha! I now I can' believe that Paisley is already so big. While I was posting this one, Kody was laughing at me because I kept telling him I wanted to cry cause she isn't a baby anymore... But she is a fun toddler!