Monday, January 16, 2012

A Blissful Sunday

I need to record this date, 
Jan 15 2012 Paisley Jo made it all the way threw church. 
She went to nursery all alone and didn't cry for Mom or Dad. 
Sacrament meeting was good, she got tired and wanted to sleep with her blanket on the floor, but fought that and instead went and got Edger. 
She was as close to a delightful child at church as we have ever seen her. 
We did end up leaving for the last 5 or so minutes, 
but that was mainly because she was falling asleep and still walking! 
I really just want to say GOOD JOB PAIS! 
You were so good and you loved your class and the kids and your new teachers! 
I am so proud of you!
Lets do the same next week too!

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