Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

 Christmas in the McDonald home is the best! There are traditions that have always happened that will always happen! I love to Christmas and I love family traditions! We got to talk to Kaden Christmas morning, evening for him. It was fun and different then normal because we got to skype! Here are a few pictures of Christmas morning!
 (this one was Christmas Eve) In our new PJ's
 Talking with Kaden. Kody hooked the computer up to the TV so we could all see him and the camera was set up to see the two people in the chair, with everyone else in the background. . . nice work Kod!
 The family after the talk with Kaden.
 Christmas breakfast. . . ok we had sticky buns, (monkey fingers) but Pais had to snack a bunch that morning. This was the pretzel snack, she also had a chips snack and a marshmallow snack with Gage!
Kody made this frame and got this print for me. We got lots of fun and needed gifts, but this was a total surprise from my husband. I love it so much!

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