Monday, December 19, 2011

My latest project

I love how these turned out! I decided to make our stockings for Christmas this year and the time was running out, so I whipped them all together today. . . that is right all in one day, with Paisley and Tate here! I felt like a wonder-mom as I finished!
Have a look. . .

I made them of burlap, tights that were too small for Pais, a suit jacket from the DI and extra material from my bin. Total cost of $8 for all three stockings plus a few more I am going to make for the future!

Also our beautiful tree! We love it this year!


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

so cute! I love them!!

Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

I loved all your previous posts. Hmmm...Santa did look familiar :) Also, GOOD WORK on the stockings! They are awesome! We should do sewing projects together, because I think that would be fun. Have a Merry Christmas!