Thursday, January 26, 2012

66 Birthday

 My Dad turned 66 this week and he is a big fan of historical roads, cars and anything that includes them. I thought it was perfect to do a "Route 66" Birthday for him... considering this would be the year to do it! It was fun, I made this checker cake and we got him a classic car... that red truck! We also had road themed ice cream, Rocky Road, Toffee Terrace, and Cookie Ln. We had to make stickers for the last two, but it was really fun and turned out the way we planned!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you so much!
 The kids played like crazy! It is always exciting to play with cousins! 
One thing I have to note, before I forget, was how Pais is really getting Mommy jealous. I was holding Hannah, who is 5 and Paisley started to tell her "My mommy, no Hannah" very sad and was holding out her hand to us. She was being held by her Daddy, but didn't want me holding anyone. Hannah then tried to reason with her by saying "It's ok, she is still your Mommy, see mine is over there" It was sweet of Hannah and it kinda worked to calm her down!

Ok this is how I made the cake... it was fun!

 Ta Da! I am really having fun baking lately!

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The Hunsakers said...

What a darling cake and party. You are so talented!