Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our update

 We have been pretty busy the last little while, so really quick, in pictures I wanted to update on what we have been doing!

    We spend most days with Tate, at lease Pais does! Sue and I get to trade who watches and who works. It is really nice for everyone. We get work done and get to play with the kids, it is warming both families up for the future of one day having 2 kids. Pais and Tate are really good together too, she is very protective of him and he smiles at her more and more!

 Pais has been getting to spend more time with her big cousins too. We love to have Kell over as often as she wants! And lucky for us, she likes our house! Pais copies her all the time, she is her little shadow.

 Pais found out how wonderful dipping Oreos is. She says "dip dip". Somehow most of the cookie ends up everywhere but her mouth!

 We took lunch to Sue Sue the other day and when we pulled into the drive Pais asked "Climb Climb?" She wanted up in the front seat. The car was stopped and we weren't going anywhere, so I let her eat her lunch in the front with me instead of going in the house. She was this happy the whole time!
 One of my favorite things Paisley does now is get herself dressed! She knew it was cold outside today from letting Ted out, so she found a hat (that is to small) and her gloves on to go out in. Pretty good! She wore it into every store and didn't take it off til we got home. 

 Paisley is a MONKEY! She climbs up, in, on, around EVERYTHING! Luckily when we lay her in bed she says "Don't Climb Daddy (or Mommy)". Kody had a hard day with her falling out of bed cause she didn't want to nap, so he watched her on the monitor and as she put her foot up on the rail, he raced in and just said
"Don't climb" and closed the door.
 It made her stop and we
haven't had the issue again.

Paisley also had time to play with these funny girls! She loves all of her cousins so much and mimics them when they aren't together! My favorite mimic she does is from Gage, she covers her mouth when something is so funny to her and says "That's funny Mom!" 

 Paisley has the best Daddy, hands down! Among other things he does for her, he makes lunchtime so fun! I got this text the other day that said, 
"I ate 2 Ps and 4 stars, Love Pais" 
We are so lucky to have him!

 We needed new church shoes and Paisley thought she could fit in the baby shoes, that is when she realized, and told me "I'm a big girl" Yep, sad enough she is. And she says she's not my baby when I ask. She will then give me a hug and say "It's ok Mommy" apparently I make a sad face about then.
 She loves to spend time with Dad out in the shop, mainly to wear these!

 For Valentine's Day Nana and Papa sent this book. We read it for about an hour! She loves playing the find it game. She is so quick too, to find what I am asking for.

For FHE the other day, we went out for ice cream! It was so fun. . . first we should have realized how much ice cream there really was in that cone. She wanted to finish the whole thing so bad, so we stayed for a very long time! It was very fun and worth it to see how happy it made her!
Paisley is now 21 months old. 
Her favorite activities are to
climb, run, swing, dance, and play with any kids she can. 
She loves to get herself a snack, now that she can open doors. 
She loved her boots, but they are getting small, so she likes to wear her "new shoes" that we have had for a while, and then ask to go to church.

Her favorite things to say are:
"What-cha doin' Dad?" 
"No, stop Mom"- I don't like this one.
"It's ok" With a pat or a hug
"Snack please"
"Perry"- Phineas and Ferb
"Milk or Drink?"
She is meaning "milk or juice", but "milk or drink" is cuter!
Sometimes it even comes out "Milk or Milk" if that is what she wants to drink
"Where's Ted? Under the couch."
"La La Loo"- Dinosaur Train
"Don't climb"
"Wake up Dad" Shortly followed by, "Twinkle Stars?" or "No more momnmonmonmo da bed?
She wants to watch, on Kody's phone, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 
 5 Little monkey's jumping on the bed.


Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

SO fun! I can't believe how fast they grow up!

The Hunsakers said...

I have a picture just like that of Drake climbing on the rail of the stairs! Crazy kiddos! She is darling and it sounds like she is full of personality!

the hipps said...

She's so cute, I can't believe she's almost 2!

Jake and Susan Larson said...

She is a spit fire for sure! I love spending the day with her. Pais makes me laugh everyday! That's for sure.