Monday, December 19, 2011

Anderson Family Christmas Party

Craziness in the Anderson home has happened again! This year our Anderson Family Christmas Party was a hit! All the grand kids played left/right gift exchange, it worked really well, each cousin brought one gift and then they rotated them all and at random (or with the mothers help) the gift got to the right age group of kids! If you ask any of my sisters, that was the fun part!
After that the whole family played a game that we had to unwrap a BIG gift with winter gloves on. . . it was funny! The gift was wrapped over and over in all kinds of paper (I used whatever I could find!) It ended as two boxes of assorted candies for everyone to share.
We then had Grandpa & Grandma open their gift. We got them a few things that the grand kids will have to teach them how to use!
Then came Santa! He was so fun and we loved having him for a short time. The suit was hot so he had to go! All of the families had their picture with him. . . that is what I am missing, so I will post those soon!
Christmas was fun with all the family that was there, but we did miss 2 of our brothers and their families. Paul and Kat were planning on coming, but had an unplanned even happen and we are praying for them to recover soon.
With that said here are the pictures of the evening. . . Enjoy!

 Paisley LOVES her cousins!

 Tanner & Noah are two peas in a pod!

 Santa looks strangely familiar!
Merry Christmas!

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