Monday, December 12, 2011

The Tree Hunt

This year our tree hunt was an adventure we will all remember for a long time!  Even though at times others were making our hunt hard, we had an amazing time all together and learned that as a family we can really do anything, and we can help others threw hard patches. We had such a wonderful time as a family!
Our tradition is to go out on the hunt and after everyone finds their trees we have chili and hot chocolate... it is always so yummy and warms us right up!
Where are the kiddos you ask?!
After we found our trees and were headed down the mountain the kids were having chips and both fell asleep after asking for more! They played so hard and wore themselves right out!
They slept the whole way home and then woke up ready to take more pictures!
Gage & Paisley LOVE each other so much and had so much fun together! We can't wait for Christmas!
These two are so cute together. . .  here are their funny faces!

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