Sunday, August 7, 2011


Kody and I loved camping before we were parents, but the one time we tried it after Pais came was a total failure. We were nervous for this camp-out, but more excited cause we hadn't been for so long. It was a success! Paisley was so fun and so good. Her first nap was on the side-by-side four-wheeler, but after that she napped and slept at night in the tent! We had such a fun time! The day before going out we went swimming with Derek, Kenzee and Gage. . . that is what these shots are of! Cutest kids ever ha!!

These two cuties were sitting in Papa and Nana's chairs! They love each other so much!

Kody made a bundle bow while we were out. It shot really well. . . you can see the arrow he made flying in the air if you look close! Nice work Kod!

Jody took Kody to show him where some good spots to fish were. It was fun to tag along, cause every spot they stopped, Kody caught a fish!

We got rained on, I should say poured on! But it worked out and we were able to still have a great time! We had everyone there, even Kaden, but we forgot to get a big family picture. We also had a rough road going out because of all the rain. Papa Joe drove us out and it was a good thing he was behind the wheel. We made it through the hardest areas like it was a paved road. . . ok more like a road paved by 5 year olds, but it was fun from the drive in to the drive out!
Camping with Paisley we can now say is a success!


Katie said...

Sounds like fun! Those two kids looks like such good buddies, I love it!

The Hunsakers said...

How are you guys? It seems like I saw you a lot for awhile with showers and other things going on, and now it's been a long time! I love Paisley's swimsuit in these pictures!