Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Perfect Day

I never really thought there could be a perfect day, but this last weekend we had a St George weekend. Kelly and Kennedy were able to come with us and boy did they make it fun! The weekend consisted of swimming in the backyard, painting nails, playing with hair (which Paisley i becoming a master at), swimming, walks to the shaved ice stand, shopping, swimming, swimming, swimming, going to 25 main for cupcakes, enjoying the Cox Box and Pine Valley, oh and did I mention swimming!

Our perfect day was the day before Kody went hunting. We started out swimming in the morning. Lolo & Lola grabbed a quick lunch for us all and met us at the park for a picnic. It was perfect out under the trees. We were right next to a carousel ride so after our picnic we went for a ride or two. Then for ice cream at Judd's. Paisley loved it, but not as much as we all loved watching her eat it! Grandma and Grandpa Cox told us of how they went to the same Judd's as kids and then Kody did too. It is really neat that it is still there and busy.
We then went and washed off all the sticky melted ice cream at the splash pad and back home for some more swimming! It was the Perfect Day! So fun to just relax and enjoy the wonderful area we live in!

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