Saturday, July 16, 2011

We love Pine Valley!

We went up to Pine Valley for our Cox family Reunion! It was so fun! I got a bunch of pictures of us in the middle of our marshmallow-gun fight... somehow we had two sides... anyway, I didn't get many pictures of anything else, and we did a lot of things. We played "Minute to Win it" and Kenzee set it up so perfectly. It was fun to see so many family members and get to play and have fun at the Cox Box!

We did a lot of things that are traditions in Kody's family. We had the pole climb, there is money attached along the pole and how ever high you climb determines how much you get. We also had a coin find in the sawdust for the kids, as well as a new, (I hope) tradition, we got to listen to some of Grandma & Grandpa Cox's experiences from when they were kids. We had so much fun and are so happy anytime we get to see Lolo & Lola!

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