Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weekend at Island Park

We had our Anderson Family reunion at Island Park ID this year. It was really fun. The cabin was big enough to fit everyone! We went horseback riding, boating (on a small lake), Hiking, Fishing, hot tubbing, and had a few campfires! It was so fun to see all the family and enjoy real time together! Here are a few pictures of our fun time. . .

Sue and Jake made dinner for everyone the first night and they brought a special cake to tell everyone what they are expecting . . . BLUE is for BOY!

We LOVED the fishing! Paisley wasn't scared of the fish, like I thought she would be. . . she poked the fish in the eye and said "eye". I couldn't tell her no, she was right!

We have some pictures of Paisley on the horse too, but they aren't on my camera. . . so I am going to have to track them down! Here is just a little glimpse at that part of the vacation!

Ok so Sue and I had Jake and Kod get the fish off the line for us cause in all reality. . . that is the nasty part of fishing! This one we decided we could do it on our own. . . it took a little more time then if we were to have them do it, but we did it eventually and we didn't kill the fish! Yay for us!
Trevor and Noah caught this beauty together after Trevor caught Noah's pole (Noah thought tossing the line in meant to toss the whole pole in... Trevor got it!). Nice fish boys!
After we left the cabin the last day we took a detour to Mesa Falls. It was amazing! Here are a few shots from there. We loved it!

I love my little family!

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The Hunsakers said...

We are going to Island Park next week for our family reunion and your post is making me so excited! Looks like so much fun! And nice job with the fish!