Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is on its way!

Spring is on its way... we had one day that looked like it was here and spent all afternoon outside! We were planning on just staying in the backyard, but Teddy decided otherwise. He found a friend and took off! I'm sure I looked like the crazy lady on the block chasing him around the block and back into our backyard with Paisley laughing at him as she bounced up and down in my arms. Because of her laughing I didn't cry, if she wasn't so happy about the situation I probably would have broke down. My wonderful sister Sue called me right in the middle of the whole ordeal and luckily she was about a block or two away and she helped me out! Thanks again Sue!

Paisley was so funny, she has only touched grass twice now and the walking thing will come faster, I think, if we can spend more time outside... she doesn't like how it feels!

Teddy's friend for the day broke his leash and ran away from his house. After we caught them both I called the number on his collar and he had to go home, but they did get to play for a little while.

The past few weeks have been pretty long for us. The day we came home from St George our nieces McKayl and Shandlie came to stay with us. Paisley LOVED having them! She loved it so much that every night she fought bedtime so much... she would flop onto her back and just start laughing... after the first few nights I decided to have the girls wave goodbye and go in the other room so she thought that they were gone. It was really fun to have them with us.
While they were here Paisley had a lot of time to practice her walking skills... Yeah crazy ha, she has taken only three steps at a time, but she does it all day long! Here are a few pictures of her attempts!

Paisley is trying out her feet!

Kody and I enjoyed a fire this last week in our backyard. Paisley was mesmerized! We are planning on lots if these the next several months... that is one good thing about this time of year, the snow is gone, so we can make the fires, but the fire is warm so we can handle to be outside. I love spring!


RandeeLynn said...

Looks like fun! I wish we had a fire pit! and... a baby girl! :)

Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

Yeah! I love fires at your house. Also, we would like to plan with you the stuff to put in your garden this year. Nate is WAY excited. He is like a garden guru, which is nice because he does most of the work :)