Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our baby says "baby"

We had a wonderful conference weekend! Paisley luckily took a nap half way through the first session so we got to see most of it... as you can see she is a busy body!
We are so grateful for the chance we have to be her parents, to be married to each other and to be together as a family for time and all eternity, promises we were given the day we were married.

Paisley is keeping us on our toes! Here are the things she can say and do:

says "baby" and it almost sounds like "my baby" but who knows...
says "Teddy" but usually just "Teh Teh" and mom and dad
blows kisses and waves goodbye
claps for herself or anytime she hears "good job" even from the t.v.
folds her arms for prayers and sometimes helps with the prayers by yelling
snaps her fingers... really well actually, everyone is shocked when they see her do it
signs "more"
gives kisses, especially to her baby
she can "be soft" to Ted too, but that is a work in progress
goes up all the stairs, but only down three of them
takes 3 - 8 steps and then crashes

We are so proud of our little monkey! She is crazy, but so fun. We are in the stage that anything we do she does too! The other day Kody was sitting on the couch and had his arms folded and she did the same and then laughed and clapped for herself. It was so cute. It is so fun to see her little mind connecting all these new things!

Today is a day to celebrate... Today marks the four year anniversary of Kody coming home from his mission. It is crazy it has already been that long. It's so fun to look back at these pictures and have him tell his side of what's going on. I was really proud of him when he was out on his mission, for serving as he did and I am so glad now for the things that he learned during those two years, plus he still gets to talk to people from his mission and we are pretty close to some people he baptized who now live in Utah, so it is fun to see the fruits of his labors! Here are a few pictures to commemorate the big day.

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Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

That video was adorable! It was way fun skyping with you guys today and seeing her show off all her skills! :) Happy 4 years, Kody!