Monday, March 14, 2011

We love St George

Paisley and I were able to spend a week in St George. We got to play with Papa Jo and Grandma Jill without Daddy for a few days. Paisley loves her grandparents! Kody came down a few days after us and that is when we took most of these pictures. We love it there so much! Here are a few pictures to share what we were up to!

These two pictures were taken by our friend AJ. I was so excited to have these done... He is amazing at taking pictures and we were so glad he took the time to do these for us. Thanks AJ and Cheyenne and CONGRATULATIONS! (They are getting married!) We'll share more of these ones when we get them!

Paisley decided that she was the big kid at the park. She was trying everything out for the first time... no one else was there so we were enjoying all the toys. Call us crazy, but in Logan when it is above 50 degrees you are out in shorts and enjoying the sun! We just had to make it over to the park!

We decided to try the slide for the first time... First Mama and Pais...

Then just Paisley! It was a shock, but she still liked it! The one below: Paisley was testing out the bells, I love this face... When we were looking at these pictures on the computer after we took them she was sitting on my lap and saw this one and made the face at me again... I loved it!

Paisley loved the swing, see her holding her dolly as she felts the wind rush threw her hair! ( I love how it is wispy in the back!)

We went swimming for the first time... She absolutely LOVED it! As you can see in this last picture, she did not want to get out!

We really wish that we lived there, but because we cant (yet) we'll admire it in pictures, visit in on Skype, and actually go there as often as gas prices will let us! Thanks family again for all the fun... we miss you sunny St George!


Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

How fun! I cannot wait for the warm weather to make an appearance here in Logan. And remember how I was going to come to your house, and then I didn't? I still am planning on that, I just got home too late. I will give you a call sometime.

Robert and Lindsay said...

So fun! We just got back from St. George as well and had the greatest time. I'll put pics on my blog. We took Drake to the park as well and he loved it too. Paisley is so adorable!!!

Chelsi said...

Fun! Fun! Yeah, I wish you could bring that sunshine back with you! Poor, inversion-ed Logan! :) When's our next girls lunch?!?!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh what a fun trip, your family is gorgeous!!! Maybe someday I will get to visit!