Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paisley is 2

 Yesterday was Paisley's 2nd birthday! I can't believe she's already 2. She is getting big fast! Here are some of our favorite shots of the day.

 I don't know what this face was for, but it is adorable!
 We had S'mores instead of cake with our campfire dinner. Pais loves to be outside and even more loves campfires so we thought this would be fun, especially cause she just had big cousins over, so it wasn't a dangerous thing! We did get a little cake for her cause all day she was saying "Good girl, You get a birthday cake!"

 Paisley got a baby doll from Grandma and immediately did this!
 Pais also got a "Shop" for hair doing!
 She gave everybody hugs and kisses after her party too, and said thanks!

Roasting Mallows is so awesome, look how golden she got it... she may have had help! 

Happy Birthday Paisley Jo. 
We can't believe how big you are already! You are so smart and thoughtful. Thanks for loving us every minute of every day! We are so grateful to be your parents. You are our princess! 
Love Dad & Mom


Lindsay (+Rob & Drake) said...

I love the first two pictures with her cake! What a fun birthday!

Jake and Susan Larson said...

She is such a good little thing! She is so polite all the time. Saying "Thank you Sue Sue!" or "You got to be careful!" Those are just some of my favorites.