Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun in the Sun

St George is easily one of our favorite places! The family and the fun we get every visit is worth the drive! This visit was packed with activities! First we went to visit Grandma Candland and Grandma Rita for her 90th birthday! We got our 5 generation photo with Grandma Candland too!

After visiting our Gma's Lola was very interested in going on this very VERY big Zip Line! She wanted us to go... and ride herself! Of course I don't have the photo of her ride, but I will find one and add it! Paisley also decided she wanted to go! She did pretty well on it too- held Daddy's hand and was super brave!
 We had 4 generations go on the zip line that night! Nice work Lola and Paisley! Nana, Kody and Derek also went Superman style! It was classic!

 Just to show you about how high up it was!
 Paisley and Gage were busy when they weren't riding!
 Dancing with their shadows!
I LOVE how much they love each other!
 After the zip line we went back to Nana and Papa's for a late Easter Egg hunt! Gage and Pais were so cute to help each other find the eggs and just enjoy each other!
 Then Paisley had a Birthday Party! Nana and Papa know what she likes... PRINCESSES and brushing hair! She loves this doll!

It was a quick visit to St George, but we are so grateful every time we get to be with family! We love you all and hope this post brings a smile to your face!

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