Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring is coming!

Oh we love spring! We went to Baby Animals this weekend and Paisley was in heaven! It was a little windy, but still a pretty day. Pais saw so many animals and so many kids she wasn't really sure what to do! Here are a few of our favorite pictures of that day.

 She was a little scared, but then warmed up to them

 There was a little girl that was also a little scared and Paisley, being a sweet and loving girl, wrapped the little girl in her arms and told her "It's ok friend!" Oh she was sweet and luckily the little girl's mom was ok with Pais.
 "Oh baby duck, so cute!"
 "Baby chicks!"
 "Tate, see the baby bunny?!"

 This is what a bunny says!
Taters was bored with these animals, I bet if he could talk he'd say "Guys, these are all in my back yard!"
 One of those moments we cherish. Grandpa loves trains!

 Ok now it is Easter time!!
 Paisley loved searching for the eggs, but then she saw the snow and decided to throw it at mom and dad... luckily for mom, girls stick together!

 Oh we love this girl!

This is a glimpse of a day with Paisley Jo

Happy Easter!

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Lindsay (+Rob & Drake) said...

Cherri, she is getting so big! She is darling. And you look so pretty too in these pictures. We still have never made it to baby animal days. Maybe next year!