Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

 Last night we had our first of many backyard fires! We had our dinner outside and roasted peeps. . . well tried to! Kody and I did, Paisley made friends with hers and carried it around til it got sticky, then put it in this cup! I had to sneak it away when she got in the bath!
 Of course I missed pictures of the actual fire, but here is our clean up. She is our big helper!

 Paisley is a big fan of the swing. She LOVES it more then most kids! This was right before our spring break, so it was a little chilly still.
 We have two holes in the fence that look into the neighbors yard. They aren't back there ever, but they have dogs that are. Ted has made friends with them and Pais tries. They are so cute peeping for their friends!
Yes a almost 2 year old does fit into your school bag or in Paisley's words a "Pack Pack"!
The day we got to St George for Spring Break, we went to the park! It was so nice and fun to be able to play outside in flip-flops and short sleeves!


 Paisley LOVES swimming with Nana! She was so excited she didn't want to put her suit on, she was ready as soon as her pj's were off!
 Paisley kicking & jumping!
 We had a wonderful day with Lolo & Lola on the carousel again, just like last year- our new tradition! It was so fun to ride the horses, then go to Judd's for a treat! 
Thanks again Lolo & Lola. We love you so much!

Gage & Kenzee- Gage found the same horse all four times we rode! He knows what he likes!

 Brooklyn- Paisley's 2nd cousin was so cool and big! Paisley liked following her and her little sister.

Marlie was so excited and adorable! Oh she made me laugh!
Nana's favorite kids ever!

 Oh these sisters really do love each other!

 Smiles & waves for Lolo & Lola!
 These two are so cute! All weekend I kept thinking how grateful I am that they LOVE each other, because they do! Oh Paisley talks about Gage so much when they are apart and when they are together she is the little shadow that talks his ear off! I think she just really wants him to know how much she loves him. 
Until the next visit Gage, we love you!

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Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

I loved the last two posts! And the family picture with the snowmen. Cutest!