Sunday, November 13, 2011

October is Over...

We love October! Kody and I celebrated our birthday in a different way this year then the norm.
Steph & Nick got married on our birthday. That morning, with my wonderful husbands help, we finished their pictures up outside the temple and planned to do just a few after the wedding.

Earlier I received a text about 6 asking me to get my sister Sue's camera from work. . . . they were unexpectedly in the hospital ready to have her little baby. She wasn't due til the beginning of November! I helped with that and then told Steph that Kody may be taking the rest of the pictures if Sue kept going at the rate she was.
Kody & I had a quick birthday lunch together and then split ways again. At about 3:30pm this little man decided he wanted to share his birthday with his coolest aunt and uncle!  Tate Kim Larson was born Oct 21 2011. He is the cutest, smallest little man and he is loved so much by his amazing Mom & Dad! He is also adored by his many cousins, but non quite as much as miss Paisley, who at every chance will kiss him or help him with his binky or touch his "ittle toes"! We love you Tate!

I knew it would be a busy day, so I made chicken pot pies the day before to have the next night for our birthday dinner. Plus our great friends Jordan & Whit and their Levi were coming from Vegas to stay the night. Paisley and Levi have so much fun together! We had them and Adam & Mollie over for a good old get together. All the kids did really well together and it was so so fun to catch up and spend time together again! We didn't get a group shot :(

Overall, Kody and I decided it was one of the busiest days we have had in a while, plus our birthday, but it was memorable and that is how a birthday should be!

Now on to HALLOWEEN!!!
Our little family LOVES Halloween! I decided to make my favorite Halloween Dinner and had it ready for Kody to put in the oven while I was still at work. Then when I got home we could have dinner all together before the celebrations began!

We planned on going to the ward trunk or treat that started at 5:30pm (I thought 6:30) I got off work at 6 and headed home quick to get Pais in her costume and head over. When I got home dinner smelled GREAT! Kody did perfect! He told me he would help get her ready then he needed to go finish a paper, so he was going to miss the celebrations and maybe dinner...
Pais and I (and Ted) went to the trunk or treat to find only 4 cars and ours... I had bought a bunch of candy too! We went to those few cars and that actually was perfect for Paisley. She thought the kids that were still there were so funny and she kept telling me "Monkey, Monkey!" One of the kids was a monkey with a full face mask and all, and I think I was more scared then she was!

 Little Red and her Big Bad Wolf! Isn't she the cutest ever!

We went home with our 6 new pieces of candy and found Kody had come back! He decided to take the chance of writing his paper at home so we could spend the time together! We had our yummy dinner all together and Paisley ran around saying "candy candy candy!"

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the hipps said...

Paisley looked so cute!! You should have brought her by our house! Sounds like you guys had an eventful b-day!