Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Timeline

This post is for my wonderful husband! We recently celebrated 4 years of being married. I wanted to remind him of all the quick pictures of the filler things that we have done so far with our time together! A lot of these pictures are with a phone camera or just real fast so we wouldn't forget what we were doing! Happy 4years Kod, I love you!

 The first picture we took after your mission. I drove from Snow to see you for the weekend! Longest drive ever I think, but the best weekend in St. George I had ever had!

 We went to the D and sat the camera on the car for this shot. Super cute!
These three pictures were from trips we had between St. George and Ephraim, the sunk house was our favorite... remember the doorbell!
This picture and the one above are from the weekend we got engaged. We look a little scary in the first... sorry!
The weekend I moved to St. George! That was a good choice!
St George rodeo, it was packed, we could barely find a seat that wasn't taken. It was fun!
The day I went to the temple for the first time. I was so happy to be there with you! And the pizza place on our honeymoon- the only restaurant on the mountain! It was good pizza though!

Our first tree hunt! We found a perfect small (tiny) tree for our little place!

Us moving to Logan! We really prayed about that decision! We were blessed for it too!
Us as Aggies
  We went to Temple Square and it was too windy outside, so we took this inside. We were in SLC for a mission reunion.
Our first, but not last race together. I hated it! I was mean to you and you just laughed and made me keep going. After I remember saying I had fun and you just laughed again... also member that little (like 8 year old) that stayed with us the whole way, and then he beat me!
 White Pine hikes aren't over, we'll go on them again with everyone as soon as our kids can go!
 I love fishing with you!
 Our second tree... this one we had to get before we had the truck and we were in Logan. Remember the car!
 I really wanted a family picture. Ted doesn't even look like a dog! This at our 2nd actual place.
I think this is my favorite picture of the two of us!
 Easter in Pine Valley. It is the prettiest place on earth!
 We took the Bear out to run in Thatcher. I don't know where he was while we took this pic!
 Beautiful St George visit. It was cold in Logan, but warm in Sunny St George!
The scooter... I miss it on nice warm days!
Another St George visit... I LOVE St George visits!
 We had family come and visit us. We had a secret that was hard to keep, but we kept it for a little longer!
 Our third Christmas... and our baby bump!
 We went to a Jazz game with some great friends here in Logan. Remember the little Jazz Bear... he was so stinking funny!
 Then, together, we became parents. I knew that day, that we can do anything!
 You blessed Pais. I love what you told her, thank you.
 We have already had some really fun times all together!
 A McDonald's Happy Meal!
 Our fourth Christmas
 You look hot in these pictures.
 Family Vacation!
We still have a long way to go. I am so glad we have each other to make the trip worth it!


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

Oh I love you guys

The Hunsakers said...

This is so neat! Happy anniversary!

Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

Oh cutest! You look so young in the first pictures...probably cause you were. Happy 4th Anniversary you guys! I love being your friends!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This is adorable!! Congrats on the four years!! You have such a cute family!!