Sunday, May 15, 2011

She can't already be one...

I have been telling myself this for a few weeks now, just to get it in my mind, but Paisley is 1 year old in one week from today! I can't believe it. Our lives as a family have changed and my life as a mommy has been so blessed. Paisley is the best baby girl ever. Here are a few pictures of her in her "I am 1" outfit.

All this info is mainly for me.... they are things I don't want to forget so yes I am blogging them... kind of like scrapbooking, but not as cool... I can't believe how fast time goes. I love this little monkey more then I ever thought I could. She has us wrapped around her finger. This past year has been so fun, and I hear the next is even better! We are so excited! Happy birthday Paisley, we love you so much!

May 22nd, 2010 4:15 AM Paisley was born! 7lbs 1oz and 19½ inch long. She has long toes, longer fingers and hair!
May 23rd first day home-and first time meeting Teddy. It went well, Paisley made a funny sound and Teddy went crazy!
Paisley's Bilirubin count was too high(15) so she was on lights from day 3 to day 7.
First doctors appointment was when she was 6 days old. She had already grown, weighing in at 8 lbs 1oz and was 20¼ inch long.
Paisley's belly button was cute 8 days after she was born.
She had her first real bath May 30th after playing with cousins!
Paisley first smiled at our faces at 4 weeks 5 days (June 24th)
July 4th Paisley was blessed by her Daddy. It was beautiful.
Paisley had 7 hours of sleep, not waking at all on July 8th when she was 6 weeks 5 days. I didn't sleep most of the night, I was too nervous about her really sleeping.
Paisley's first bottle 7 weeks 5 days (July 15th) Daddy gave it to her when mommy had to go beck to work. She did great and ate it so fast!
We got Paisley's 2 month Shots today... not too bad. She cried a little then fell asleep July 22nd
Paisley first rolled over on August 2nd at about 2½ months. That was from belly to back.
She rolled from back to belly on September 11th about 3½ months old.
Paisley had formula for the first time and hated it September 7th She hasn't had any since.
We made it all the way in church without having to leave any class for eating or crying! September 19th
Went in for Paisley's four month checkup on the September 13th. Everything is good! A little crying the Dr thinks she's a little sensitive to new things and said she was probably colic at first. She is doing better now though and wants us to rotate her head so she doesn't have a tilt in her neck.
September 21st Paisley laughed at Teddy jumping!
September 28th Paisley got her 4 month shots. She was so happy looking at the toys in the office and then came the shots... She has been asleep all day.
October 7th She knows she has Toes!
October 11th Paisley also realizes she likes her thumb! Not really to suck, just to play with and watch move all over above her!
Paisley's first tooth came in Friday October 15th and second tooth popped in on Mommy and Daddy's birthdays on October 21st
Paisley had cereal for the first time on October 19th and laughed the whole time! She maybe ate one tablespoon out of the four tablespoons we made for her!
Halloween Paisley was a Hamburger, Daddy was a drink and Mommy was a box of fries with Teddy as a toy... together we were a McDonald's Happy Meal!
Paisley started really crawling at 5 ½ months, she didn't really ever scoot, she just rocked for about two weeks before trying out her moves!
Thanksgiving 2011 Paisley enjoyed her favorite baby food, Sweet Potatoes!
Paisley sat up on her own without tipping at 6 months.... after crawling!
Paisley snaps her fingers, only the right hand. If she sees someone do it she does it too, and it is louder then my snap!
Paisley stands up to everything now days! She walks along it all and only once has she let go and taken an actual step- Christmas 2011
Paisley went to her first rodeo on January 21st, 2011. We put cotton balls in her ears and then her head band over her ears so she would leave them in... She had a lot of fun cheering and clapping her hands for everyone.
Teddy was Paisley's first word, then Mama and Dada and baby at 9 months old.
Paisley laughed at her favorite cartoon Pocoyo today. It was one where they scared each other by saying "Boo" She says boo too now, but instead of "Boo" it's "Bee". She says it to mom, dad, and Ted. Her favorite place to play boo is in the tub! If we say "Pica" she says "Bee" (Boo).
At the store she has everyone's eye. She waves so cute and says "Hi"
Paisley walked for real conference weekend (April 3) at 10 ½ months old. We had been practicing for about two weeks before this, but she only took, at most, 8 steps then.
Paisley says “shh” with her finger on her mouth, she knows where her nose is and says “no” when pointing to it or anyone elses, and she also tells Teddy “no no” while pointing at him if he barks or takes her toys. She also only drinks from a bottle or straw cup and snuggles with anyone at bedtime. 11 months old
Paisley is only using a straw cup.... no more bottle. She says "DUCK" really loud and clear when she sees her duck. She is also really good at going up and down the stairs, on and off the couch and bed, and she says "Up" and "Down" and knows what they mean. Paisley also loves her daddy especially first thing in the morning when he is still sleeping. She will crawl on him and give him kisses over and over.

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