Friday, May 27, 2011

Paisley's 1st Birthday

Paisley was so excited about her "Pretty in Pink" birthday party . . . as soon as she saw all her favorite people in our backyard, there just to play with her!

Paisley had the cutest audience encouraging her to "blow"!

Paisley was so dainty about digging into her cake. . . she didn't want to get messy. As soon as she started though, she didn't stop!

Yummy yummy cake. . . thanks mom for making it just for me!

Paisley got this cool Leap Frog Train from Lolo and Lola Cox . . . she LOVES it! She also loves all the soft, fluffy, girly gifts she was given . . . everyone knows her so well!

We took a family photo on her actual birthday and she even sported the "I am 1" finger!

We decided to have just a quiet actual birthday, especially after we had so many family and friends over for her party the day before. For her big day, we decided to do some of Paisley's favorite things. We started with a walk and some playtime at the park.

We love playing on the big kid toys!

And then we walked home and had taco's (tomatoes, avocados, meat and tortillas) some of Paisley's favorites and had one cupcake saved for her to enjoy. I took pics of that too, but I need to find them! Happy birthday baby girl. We are so happy you are in our family and we love you so much!


The Hunsakers said...

Ummm....HOLY COW! That party was adorable! The table looks SO CUTE! So gorgeous! I can't believe she is one! What a good idea to keep her real birthday more low key! Happy Birthday Paisley!

Chelsi said...

Goodness Paisley is SO adorable! I love that first pic of you two - definitely a keeper! We need to get together soon!

Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

I can't believe she is one already. That seemed to go by fast. Sorry we couldn't make it for the party!