Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Levi

This passed weekend we met Reuben Levi Gardner. We are so excited for Jordan and Whit! Congrats to you two... now three!
These are the proud Daddies!

Happy Mamas!

Don't worry Levi, she won't always be this big!

It is crazy to me how much they look alike! My two very favorite people! Yes she is learing how to drool! Learning new things every day!

These are some favorites of Paisley this weekend. Can you believe she is already 11 weeks! almost 3 months!!

Paisley and Gage

She is just the cutest!

Look at my big girl!

Paisley letting me know she is tired of pictures!


Dave and Chelsi said...

I absolutely LOVE that sunflower dress with the big sunflower in her hair! So, cute!

Robert and Lindsay said...

Cheri! She is sooo beautiful! What adorable little clothes too!