Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I didn't blog about in 2009

This is our Tree in our cabin- just kidding that is our living room! Perfect size though!
Here's our tree before we chopped it down! It was perfect- covered in snow and all alone! Ted wasn't looking at the camera cause he was worried that a tree stump was going to attack us. Who knows, maybe there was a wild thing in it!Kody caught this fish out at Bear Lake with some friends. We showed it to all our family with a picture of the ultrasound so this picture didn't get the credit that it deserved. With that said my husband is an amazing fisherman!
This is Ted the weekend that he got his shadow! Hewie and Teddy are attached at the hip when we go to St George now. He loves his puppy!
Kody's mom Jill (far right) and her running friends came up for the Marathon here in Logan in September. We got to see them and follow the race! It was really fun. We made this sign for the run- I thought it was so funny!

We celebrated Teddy's 1st Birthday in October (same as ours) but with doggy treats and peanut butter. It took him about 30 minutes to eat, but he wouldn't let us get near it!
Ted got a bad hair cut (once again!) so I took a before and after in the same picture! I cut the one on the right- I was pretty proud cause it looked so much better and Ted was so good for me.
We painted our bedroom- This was a total BLA to TA DA!! Kody had to sand off the finish on the wood- it took all day and made him a little dusty!

We took Jay and Becky's kids to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake City a few months ago. Hannah was so funny... and cute!

We grew a garden- these were our mini corns that we had. They were so good, but baby size. The picture of the pumpkin was a dinner we had with our friends Char, Nate, Amy and Abby.


Cody and Erica said...

Even though I have seen your bedroom since the painting I forgot how fabulous it looked after. Good job Kody! Hope you are feeling good. Maybe I will see ya soon.

Kena said...

Wow you have a great handy man! Your bedroon looks amazing! You have such a cute tiny tummy! How exciting for you to start your family! This is Kody's cousin Kena by the way:)

Nate and Katie said...

I got a kick out of this post, those are a lot of good pics!