Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Kody and his Dad and brother went trapping and got this big beaver on Saturday. Pretty big!
Teddy and his shadow! This is Hewie, he is a Maltese. He joined the family about 2 months ago- and he and Teddy love to play whenever we get together. They are so funny!
Christmas morning back rub. On Christmas morning us kids can wake up as early as we want, but we have to rub Papa Jo's back until he decides it is time to go to the tree. Gage got in on this years too- I've got to say Papa Jo has a lot to look forward too!
Kody and his cousin Macy at the family Christmas Eve dinner. Every year we have a big dinner all together and the kids exchange gifts with each other. We also sing Christmas songs to bells and sing Happy Birthday with a cake.
The night before Christmas- new pj's! Kenzee (Kody's sister) and her husband Derek, Kaden (Kody's brother) and Kody and me (and Baby). It was late and we were all pretty sleepy!


Cody and Erica said...

Oh Cherri your little tummy is adorable. Looks like Christmas was fun. Maybe I will see ya at the Doctor's on Monday.

georgiavargas said...

look at your belly!!! YOU are looking great!!
LOVE YOU GUYS, Mery Christmas nad Happy New year ( late but sure)