Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yesterday we had a Bugs and Critters Day. We took a hike up Logan canyon where there was a kids learning center. We saw turtles, snakes, big spiders and other bugs. When we got home Kody built this fire and we had hot dogs and S'mores.
Jayson was pushing "His Girls" on the swing at Cherri's house
We played at First Dam and saw fishes and the ducks. Hanna didn't want to get her pants wet, so she took them off!
Kaylee was having fun moisturizing her skin with the moss!
These are some of the puppets that the kids played with at the Learning center.

Grandma started with this one and it took the kids a lottle while to realize that is wasn't real
Hannah really liked the turtles- they cleaned out the tank as we were leaving and she was amazed at them as they moved around in their bucket. She couldn't stop laughing at them!

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