Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So for the next week or so our blog is going to serve as a page for my brother and sister in law to see their children while they are in Ethiopia getting Phil, their next child.

Jay and Becky,

This is a blog for you to show you how much fun we are having! We had a Talent Show on Monday night at Sue's house where we also saw the horses and went for a ride- we'll put the movie on here when we figure out how! And yesterday we had a treasure hunt! We found a chest full of bubbles, treats and things to make our Pirate dinners on the fire! Today we are going to go school shopping and get ready to go to Grandma's and then Cherri's house.
We will have lots more later, but here are a few pictures of what we have been doing...

Kaylee and Clara petting the horses!
Hannah and the horsey
KAYLEE LOST ANOTHER TOOTH! And she did it all on her own- She put the string around it and was showing Jake how hard she'd need to pull it and woop... it came right out!
You never would have guessed, but JJ loved ORANGE Otter pops!Hannah got tired during games outside and found a pillow (Jake's work sponge) to take a little snoozer!

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Jake and Susan Larson said...

your pics are better than mine but they are funny kids aren't they!!!