Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kody and I haven't been up to much. We are trying to keep warm up here in Logan. It has been raining non stop for a few days... that was until this morning, then it changed to snow. Kody and a bunch of his really good friends are getting ready to go snow shoeing over night, so the more snow the better for their adventure. It's nice though. We also went to dinner Friday with Susan, Jake and Mom and Dad Anderson for Dad's birthday. It was fun, we went to a new place (at least to us) called Iron Gate Grill. It was really good there!We went to Mall Cop with Jordan and Whit too, we liked it, but not enough to see it again anytime soon.
The best news we have is about our little pup! He got another set of his shots, he didn't like that very much, but he did well there, just two more visits. We also foud out how smart he is... In two days he learned shake and down. He knew sit, stay, off and leave it already so shake was pretty easy, but the down was hard cause he is so little we didn't know when he was really laying down. He got it today and we were so excited. If there is anything that you think we should teach him, let us know... He can learn it!


georgiavargas said...

Hi!! I love your blog! i´m so thankfull for your blog It makes us feel closer to you guys! We miss you a lot!
Your puppy is sooooooo cute!
OK... Is he potty trained? CUz,, if he is would you guys giveme dome tips for Abby! HAHAHA
Hope to see you soon!

Adam and Britt said...

Iron gate grill is our favorite restaurant. We go there on special occasions. the Crem Brule is great.

Brittany and Adam said...

We went to puerto Rico, but that will be so fun for you guys. I think I have been bitten by the travel bug, it's so fun I am loving it. Have you moved yet. whats happening with going to BYU? our hubby's should join a summer soccer team again, I liked our visits.