Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A "Fit" Family

I know it's sad, I promise I'm not crazy about our puppy, but he is so cute and fun, and we don't have a baby too take adorable pictures of, so you get Teddy photos! He is really fun, he has so much character and is always so excited to see us. If one of us goes out of the room, he gets a little panicked and won't sit until we are together again. In these pictures we were playing on the wii fit in our apt and the balance board will tell you your weight and we thought that we would see what Teddy was on there. It didn't really work, he kept on stepping off and not catch it in time.
I tried to push him off with my feet, but then he thought I was playing and would start to lick me. He was really cute the entire time.
All Ted wanted to do all night we played was stand on the board with us, but then it would throw off our balance, because it is a balance board!

Teddy was ready to fight me for it!


ajmellor85 said...

ehh, I guess I'll admit he's a pretty cool little dog. No doubt he's probably about 20x cooler than my mom's crappy shi tzu.

Brittany and Adam said...

Cherbear he is so cute! I can tell you are enjoying him. DOes it make you not want a baby for a while. I can tell you are going to be a great mom. Guess what I am taking an interior design class online. Its fun you should do that you have a nack for it.