Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katelyn Jill McDonald

She is here! Katelyn Jill McDonald was born 7:04pm on Wednesday December 12, 2012. She was 12 days early and was the 12th baby born in the hospital that day! Having the coolest birthday ever 12/12/12 and it was all by chance! 
Katelyn was 5lb 14oz and a small 19inches long. She is so tiny, her diapers have to be folded to fit and she is already such an amazing baby!

 Labor was faster then I thought it would be. . . my doctor almost didn't make it, and my amazing nurse Kristi almost had to deliver the baby herself! Our labor from water breaking to baby here was a short 1hr 29min

 Paisley was so excited to see her sister! They look very much alike, but we can already tell you they are very different! 

 Katelyn Jill McDonald

Paisley made herself at home in our room- polished of my lunch and got cozy to watch a show! 
 Kate ready to go home! Because she was doing so well we only had to stay long enough for them to get a billirubin test done- so after 24hours of being here, they let her go home!
 Papa showed her the proper way to take a nap. . .in his arms!
 I loved having my in-laws stay with us for a few days! Our place is small, but we made it work! Families are the best!
 Gage was so sweet with Katelyn. He is way good at saying "baby Kate". I loved hearing him say it!
 Paisley loves her baby sister, but is still adjusting to the idea of her. That was one of the blessings of having family over, Nana knew I needed help explaining all the new things!

 We feel so blessed to have Baby Katelyn here, safe and healthy! The best thing is that we are both home for a little while- no work or school! So we get a real Christmas Break!

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the hipps said...

She is so sweet! I love the pictures of Paisley and Gage with her. What cute kids in your family!