Saturday, September 17, 2011

15 Month Checkup

Paisley was pretty funny at her 15 month checkup. She knew where we were and what we were going to be getting there. She told her nurse "Hi" and went down the list of animals that she knows and their sounds and then said "Bye". If only that was all we had to do!

Here are her 15month pictures!

Some things she is up to these days
Counting to three
Naming lots of animals and their sounds... we'll get that all on video and share it! She sings lots of songs all on her own.
Some of our favorites are; I love to see the Temple, The "Itchy Itchy" Spider, Patty Cake (with extra "Roll It"), and Monkey's on the Bed.
Big on giving hugs with a tilted head. (You can't tell that no!)
Tells us "Night Night" when she's ready for bed.
Can point out anyone with a Hat, a Mustache and Boots on and then asks for Jake!
Will tell you lots of body parts including where her mustache is.
Pushes her "beep beep" (doorbell on her play house) and says "Hello?"
Tells Steve "A Cue. A Cue" on Blue's Clues.
Also says "I know, I know!" from Cat in the Hat.
Hugs Teddy and tells him "Bood Boy" (Good Boy)!
When you ask her who she is, she says "Paisy" or "Jo" or "Donald" she is getting it!
Asks for Sue Sue and then immediately looks up the stairs and says "Jake?"
Kisses Sue Sue's baby!
Asks for a peach when she wants fruit.

Kody and I decided the other day that she is so crazy, funny and outgoing (kinda opposite of us) because we just laugh at how cute she is. She has lots of friends at church that I am sure would be able to learn more if she was more calm! We love her so much though and are so glad she is our crazy girl!

Kody captured my favorite time of the day on video. Every night we sing in her room, this time we were on the couch, but she sang with me like she always does. I love it so much!


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

Such a cute video! Miss u guys!

The Hunsakers said...

Cherri, That video is so precious. Wow! She is talking so well. I have to remember that girls are a lot more advanced than boys cause I'm sitting here thinking wow Drake can't talk nearly that much! She's adorable!

Jill McDonald said...

Love all the cute pictures and the video is priceless! Love our little Miss Paisley!!