Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Family

I love my family so much and I feel so blessed to have such a fun bunch to spend my time with. Ted is always full of energy and runs all over like crazy and that makes Paisley laugh so hard. She is so happy and fun! She is clapping and dancing all the time. She goes crazy when her daddy comes home. Just the door opening gets her going! I love my amazing husband. Kody works so hard in school and helps with Paisley as much as he can. He is so wonderful to do anything around the house or go get things at the store. He does so much for our family and I am so glad he is my other half. I love this bunch! We were just having fun with the camera today and this is what we got!


Charlotte and Nate Braithwaite said...

Oh cutest. I love your family too! Also, I didn't know you were taking a photography class. That is awesome! Where at?

Mitchell and Tiffany Elias said...

Teddy is hilarious!! Im so glad to hear that you are so happy. Paisley is a doll!! Love you guys!

Adam and Britt said...

She is so so cute Cherri I just love her!