Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogging about our Baby!

I love this little girl so much! Paisley is moving like crazy. She is so funny to watch move all over the floor. She started with a scoot, but even then she could get where she wanted, She is so fun and growing like crazy! She is 6 months today... I can't bieleve she is that old already!

Days that we get to spend together are so fun! The picture below was taken when Paisley and I were snuggling for a nap. She was slowly waking up and then falling back asleep. I could have put her in her crib, but she was too cute!

Look how fun bathtimes are now! She loves them!

Paisley was so cute sitting with her cousin Shandlie while she was doing some homework with Kody and her other cousin McKayl. We were laughing cause she thinks she is a big kid too.


R. Jordan & Whitney Layne said...

oh i love to see pictures! im excited to see you guys this week!! yay!

Cody and Erica said...

Oh what a cutie!!! What the heck Cherri you cut your hair?!?!? I thought you were growing it out. It looks great!

Robert and Lindsay said...

She is so super cute! I love her chunky tummy in the bath picture. Baby chub is so cute!