Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday afternoon Kody decided to go up into the Wellsville mountains nearby to snowshoe for awhile, but ended up using his snowshoes for digging instead of hiking!

He had quite the adventure trying to get the truck out of the ditch that it kept sliding into, and with the help of some tree branches under the tires he even had it out for a second...before it went right back in. By then it was dark so we got our brother in law Jake to bring his big huge Dodge to pull him out, but ended up nearly tipping the bigger truck over into a canal and getting both trucks stuck instead! In the end, after lots and lots of shoveling, the boys managed to come down the hill safely with both trucks intact. What a scary night!

We got a pretty good snow storm here last night so we wanted to post this video of our crazy dog Teddy after he had been in the backyard for a couple minutes. Watch for the way he can't even bend his legs when he goes up and down the stairs!


Nate and Katie said...

That's pretty funny! I like that he started eating the snow off of himself at the end.

. said...

HA HA HA HA I am still laughing but really it was an interesting night and can I just say I would have sworn I was married to Jake's dad that night cause Kim sure came out in Jake!!! But no the video Teddy is stinking funny but Cherri I have to say that was a Heidi moment!!! When you were laughing like that! :) And yes ps I am at work!!!