Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip to St George

Kody in a beautiful Valley

Kody and Kaden tested their survival skills while we were down. They started in Pine Valley went to the top of Forsythe and back to Pine Valley

Kaden stepped on that tree and it snapped- that's what happens when you are a giant!

After their hike- yeah they were a little dirty!!

Shandlie and McKayl, my oldest sisters girls came with us this time to St George for a little get away. We went shopping for school, hung out at the cabin and went to Vegas. They are way fun to do things with! Thanks girls for coming!

We drove down the strip in Vegas- Shandlie and McKayl had never really been so it was fun to have them reaching over to take a billion pictures.

The real reason we went to Vega was for Grandma and Grandpa McDonald's 50th wedding anniversary! It was really fun- we had a whole pig and got to hear lots of fun stories about their life this far together.

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