Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Time

These are two of our nieces, Hannah and Shandlie. They are getting so big and cute! Shandlie is 12 and Hannah is 2, not sisters but they are so fun! We love them so much!
Kody and I got to go to St George for Easter. This is us at the cabin in Pine Valley before the big egg hunt!!
Gage is so fun! He is Kenzee & Derek's ten month old. I love just sitting and watching his expressions. He is very entertaining and as you can see super cute!
AKA JJ was jumping in front of the camera anytime he could! He kept telling me he wanted me to take silly face pictures of him, and this was his best!
As you can see Kody is their favorite! Hannah had just noticed that Kody came in late and she didn't care that he was already holding Emma. Luckily Kody is strong and held them both!
Gage up at the cabin was so funny to make faces at the camera. Everytime he saw the light of the flash he prepared this face. We couldn't stop laughing with him, he is full of giggles!
This is the Pine Valley Church. It is the oldest church still in use in our church. We were here for Easter along with many others- luckily Jill knew there would be a lot of people so we went early and were able to have a seat upstairs in the actual meeting room. Half way through the opening song Pres. Uchtdorf appeared on the stand with his wife. We were so excited along with everyone else! We got to shake his hand and hear him bear his testimony. It was cool to see him in person, amazing too cause he's a apostle of our Savior Jesus Christ. We were really glad we went to Pine Valley after that experience!


Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

I can't believe how cute those little girls have gotten, it has been so long since I have seen them! It was so fun having you guys down!

ajmellor85 said...

That little JJ is one of the cutest kids on the planet

Jake and Susan Larson said...

Sister, sister, sister, well your page is stinkin cute but I am AMAZED at Shandlie she is so big I can't wait to be able to cash in those babysitting hours! Ha Ha Ha