Friday, February 20, 2009

Mom's Kitchen

This is Mom Anderson's new kitchen! She had Kody and Paul install the cabinets and Jake did the backsplash tile. She loves her New Kitchen and we were glad to help!

Kody and I have been pretty busy this passed week. He had a math test yesterday that he feels pretty good about and he had studied for for a long time. He also had a Spanish paper due that he finished with just seconds to spare. I have been busy at work. I've been helping a deaf customer at work and every time he comes in I wish I had taken my sign language class more serious (it was an online class and if you ask me, that is the one class that you can't do online!) I don't even dare tell him anything in sigh cause I'm scared I'm wrong and he'll think I'm an idiot! I'm going to study it up a little though so I can say some and feel good about what I am signing.
Kody and I are ward missionaries and we went to visit our families last night. We have about 8 families so we were just planning on visiting 2 last night, no one was home and finally we got lucky. I was so impressed with Kody and how he know what to say. They are mostly inactive and don't want anyone to visit their home, so when we were rejected Kody knew what to say so we could still stay in contact. I know now why they ask couples to be ward missionaries- the wife makes the cookies to get in the door and the husband talks. It was cool to see him in that light.
Teddy is in dire need of getting a hair cut, but because he is a mix there isn't a cut for his hair- We are going to have someone else do it first then I'll try it, but if anyone as a cute sut they think he will look good with let us know! We love you all and hope all is well with you too!


Bart and Shantyl Stears said...

Your Moms kitchen looks great!

Brittany and Adam said...

My parents redid their kitchen too! We all helped as well! I bet your mom is so excited. Have you moved yet?

Brittany and Adam said...

We are coming back the first of May so right in time to see your new house. Are you still planning on going to byu?

georgiavargas said...

WOW!! Kody sure is a Handyman!!! Chris is feeling so proud of him!
We miss you so much!