Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overview of the Holidays

Baby Gage is getting so big! He is Kenzee and Derek's little boy. He was so cute with the puppy, he didn't really know what to think of Teddy, he knew he was soft and fuzzy, but Teddy loved Gage's hands- they were yummy!

Grandma Cox can't keep any of the pups away from her. Cosmo was a little upset that Teddy was in his house, but in this picture we didn't think that he knew Grandma was loving them both! We love seeing Grandma and Grandpa Cox when we go to St George- someday we want to be like them.

Kyle just turned one in November and he is always smiling, even if he cries you can get him to smile. He had just got done eating chocolate cake and had it all over so we washed his face and hair (it was everywhere) and this is the style we designed for him! He couldn't stop laughing with Kody tickling him

This is Hannah, she is Jay and Becky's youngest. She is always this happy. She is one of the main reasons we know we want to have kids!

Emma loved Teddy. We stopped at their house on our way home from St George. She cried when we left because she wanted to puppy-sit him right then. We told her she could come have a sleepover with him at our house anytime and she was okay with that idea.

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