Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kody and I went out on Monday and picked our Christmas Tree. Kody's family has the tradition to get a fresh tree for Christmas and we want to keep it going in our family too. We were able to go pretty close to home, just up Cub River in Idaho. We hadn't ever been there before and were not really sure of where to go. We first found the river and on the other side could see that there were plenty of good looking trees there, but there was nowhere to cross- at least not for me, the one without amazing boots. Kody decided that that wasn't going to stop us. He lugged me onto his back and trudged across the moving water. As soon as we were over we realized we had to go higher to get the right kind of trees so he took me back. I won't lie, I thought I would fall for sure and that I was going to take my sweet husband with me, but he is better than I thought in moving water and we made it alive. It only took us about five or ten minutes to find this beauty at the top of the mountain.

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